Seven reasons of investing Australia

1. Top achievement of political stability, internationally well-known diplomatic status

Stable politic and economic environment in Australia is obvious to all and its international status and prestige is ranked ahead.

2. Affordable upfront deposit, no progress payment before settlement

First deposit takes 20~30% of all, it’s also laid down in plain terms by government that progress payments is exempted during construction period.

3. Safe Trust account transaction, secure investment

The professional legal team serve for the whole process of house trading, and the trust account is supervised by the government.

4. Professional rental management system, guaranteed after-sales service

Years of property management experience, Australian law bilaterally protects both the rights of landlords and tenants.


5. Strong population growth, high demanding rental market

Immigration is speeding up Australian population growth every year, the rental price grows according to current income level and regional development.


6. Smart investment methodology for great tax return benefits,excellent depreciation schedule

A smart depreciation schedule will help you pay less tax.

7. Stable property capital gain, no pressure for heritage tax

Top three in global real estate market transparency for last 45 years.

Australia Introduction

7. Tax Information

CGT / stamp duty

Land tax / rental income

Site cost / loan interest

Property management fee / other fees

Construction cost / engineering cost

8. Depreciation

Property rental generate both income and costs, which can be property depreciation. A depreciation schedule will help you pay less tax. The amount of the depreciation schedule says you claim effectively reduces your taxable income.


9. Property benefits

Favorable mortgage rate

Land/Property Development

First Home benefit


10. Property Investment Introduction and Procedures


11. Home Buyer Q&A

1. Australia Introduction

The political system is the federal system, six state councils (New South Wales, Queensland,South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia), in addition to two autonomy territories (Capital Territory and Northern Territory) which own their autonomous councils. The Official Language is English.


2. Australian Property Benefits

Safe trading environment / All-round service

College town / Three largest Cities: Sydney / Brisbane / Melbourne

High income level/ House price doubles every 7~10 years

Favorable benefit / High property depreciation


3. Investment Returns

The Australian government requires rental price increasement by at least 3% to 5% each year.

Rental yield: (Annual Rental Income - *Expenses) / Property Value *100% = Net yield

*Expenses: loan interest, taxes, decoration fees, maintenance fees, management fees, etc.


4. Professional purchase process procedures

Reserve a Property -> EOI -> Paying Deposit -> Signing Contract -> First Payment Deposit -> Payment Success Notice -> E-Contract by Lawyer -> Loan Application(3~4 months before) -> Settlement


5. Qualification for purchasing a house

Bank Statement, Pay slip(for at least 3 months), Passport and copy of Identity Card


6. Loan procedures (amount / method / precautions)

Loan offer up to 70 to foreigners, and a maximum of 80% to permanent residents and citizens. The maximum loan term can be up to 30 years. 

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